Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

We are one of the most reputable swimming pool cleaners in Lagos and the nearby areas, and we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. At Libertini Cleaning Services, we employ a variety of procedures, cleaning equipment, and solutions to clean swimming pools to the highest standards.

At Libertini Cleaning Services, we cherish our clients and will go above and beyond to guarantee that your pool is well cleaned. It is our responsibility to ensure that no filth, grime, or residue is left on your swimming pool or surrounding surfaces; we provide a complete and expert pool cleaning service.

Contact Libertini Pool Cleaning Services immediately if you are in need of swimming pool cleaning services in Lagos. We have years of experience in swimming pool sanitation and are widely recognised for our services.
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What Does Swimming Pool Cleaning Involve?

In the same way that preventative maintenance extends the life of your home or automobile, it will also extend the life of your swimming pool, reducing the total cost of ownership during its lifetime.

Routine swimming pool cleaning is a multi-step operation; Libertini’s Swimming Pool Cleaning Services will remove debris and grime from the water using a skimmer, brush, and vacuum. In addition, we will inspect the pool for any damage that needs to be fixed, and we will test the pool’s pump to ensure that it is operating properly.

Water testing is another essential aspect of routine pool maintenance. This requires altering the pH and chlorine levels as required. Occasionally, you will also need to add water to your pool when it evaporates.

Having cleaned swimming pools in Lagos area for a number of years, we have all the skills and experience necessary to guarantee a competent service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our pool cleaning services or if you would like to schedule a cleaning.

Why Choose Us For Pool Cleaning Services in Lagos?

For many years, we have offered our pool cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients in and around the Deal region. To attain a high level of cleanliness, we employ expert cleaning materials and equipment for all of our pool cleaning. Listed below are some of the reasons we believe you should pick us for pool cleaning:

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Benefits of Professional Cleaners for Pools an Spas

To make your indoor or outdoor pool safe and pleasurable to use, we employ only the highest quality goods and equipment.

Incorporating Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)-combating agents in private and public pools, spas, and wet recreational places.

However, one of the benefits of booking regular swimming pool cleaning and maintenance checks is we can also help you to prolong the life of pool and spa equipment.

This includes ensuring the correct chemical balance and absence of debris in a swimming pool in order to keep pumps and other devices completely functional.

Libertini also offers a service to check water filter systems in pools and spa equipment. It can be a standard part of swimming pool cleaning contracts or emergency pool cleaning in Lagos or beyond.

When to call professional swimming pool cleaners?

Several homeowners and clients in the private and public leisure sectors utilise our monthly pool cleaning services.

At least once every year, you should have your indoor or outdoor swimming pool cleaned thoroughly. We are also in demand for outdoor pool winterization and spring cleaning.

Please get in touch for a free estimate on swimming pool cleaning and expert cleaning of other wet recreational facilities.