Post Construction Cleaning Services

From national shopfitters across numerous sites to independent developers, as well as refurbished retail, uncompleted building, hotels, spas, shopping malls, leisure centres, industrial parks and business, we are the leading choice for post-construction and post-refurbishment cleaning in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our post-construction cleaning service is a specialised section that offers a comprehensive range of construction-specific cleaning services, from sparkle cleans to builders cleans.

We provide cleaning services for venues undergoing progressive renovations, such as supermarkets and department stores, where business operations must continue as usual and construction disruptions must be kept to a minimum.

The daily cleaning of public areas to maintain low levels of dust and the after-hours cleaning of each restored section as it is turned over may be considered cleaning. In addition, we provide retail unit exterior cleaning (windows, signage, cladding), escalator deep cleaning, commercial kitchen and duct deep cleaning, and specialised floor cleaning.

House Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning Services

Our after builders cleaning service is a thorough internal deep cleaning of your home or apartment. Our experienced cleaners will remove as much dust as possible from every inch of your residence, leaving it sparkling. 

Our after-construction cleaning in Lagos involves a thorough internal and external cleaning of all closets, cabinets, drawers, and shelves. As part of our Lagos after builders cleaning, all kitchen equipment, including the oven, will be cleaned.

At request, all accumulated builders dust will be removed, all surfaces will be scrubbed and polished, and all interior windows in your house will be cleaned. Below is a list of the most important aspects of your property that will be cleaned as part of our Lagos after builders cleaning service.

Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Post-construction cleaning is utilised for newly constructed properties, whilst post-renovation cleaning is necessary for properties that have just had renovations or other building work.

After a renovation, there is typically a great deal of mess, dust, and grime to fight with.

The best approach to ensure that a home is fully cleaned after renovation is to hire a professional construction cleaning company. This will be of immense use during a potentially stressful period, as cleaning tasks will be completed swiftly, with the proper tools and equipment, and in compliance with all necessary health and safety regulations.

House Cleaning Services and Domestic Cleaning in Lagos

Expertise in post-construction cleaning

We provide the greatest post-construction cleaning service to new construction general contractors, designers, architects, refurbishment contractors, and private persons in Nigeria. We are able to serve the construction sector with a local, regional, and national cleaning service since our post-construction cleaning staff is dispersed across Nigeria.

We are able to serve the construction sector with a local, regional, and national cleaning service since our post-construction cleaning staff is dispersed across Nigeria.

Our post construction cleaning staff can assist you with builders cleans, sparkle cleans, and continuous cleans for your building or construction site.

If you are seeking a cleaning partner for ongoing renovations, we can assist with post-construction cleaning and comprehensive cleaning throughout the process.

What is included in our post construction cleaning Services

Post-construction cleaning is applicable to a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential properties. It is possible that plastering, painting, electrical contractors, and other trades may leave behind dust, dirt, and grime upon completion of a building job.

Before post-construction cleaning can begin, however, all tradespeople, building materials, debris, and equipment must be removed from the premises.

Once the house is ready for cleaning, construction cleaning specialists can begin cleaning the floors, walls, windows, fixtures, and fittings, as well as external surfaces such as gutters and window sills.

Occasionally, furnishings are also cleaned. This is typical during post-handover “sparkle cleaning” for specific types of properties, such as newly constructed residential residences that include furnishings.

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Libertini Cleaning Services is committed to providing specialised cleaning services to the Nigeria’s construction industry. This includes professional cleaning services for new construction complexes and renovations.

We can perform pre-construction and post-construction cleaning services on a wide variety of property types. Our methodology offers a service that is both dependable and compliant with all applicable Nigeria health and safety requirements.