Fumigation Services & Pest Control Services

Our Fumigation and pest control team share over 10 years experience in delivering the best fumigation and pest control services across Lagos, with expert advice and professional solutions. We ensure that our pest control professionals are well-informed and ready to offer you assistance and advice on how to safeguard your house or company from pests.

Urbanised regions of Lagos and Nigeria in general provide mice, rats, cockroaches, and bed bugs with the food supplies and probable hiding locations they require. Local Lagos-based professionals and surveyors may successfully address your pest problem – We Offer:

  • Detailed Survey – highlighting the extent of an infestation & potential access points

  • Fast Effective Treatments – targeted & appropriate for your situation

  • Proofing & Advice – helping to prevent further infestations

House Cleaning

Residential Fumigation Services

As of 2023 in Lagos State, 16 million people are anticipated to face some form of pest infestation, including bed bug-infested bedrooms, cockroach-infested kitchens, mice that nibble, ants that raid closets, and flea-ridden furnishings.

As disturbing as these insect problems are, our team of expert exterminators in Lagos is ready to help.

Whether your house or home is a terraced or semi-detached house, flat, duplex, bungalow, mansion, or castle, we are here to give the best pest control services and advice in Lagos to help you become pest-free. Consider what our local clients have to say about us.

Commercial Fumigation Services

We collaborate with all industries in Lagos to deliver the most effective pest control services for businesses. We frequently resolve problems involving rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, wasps, flies, and ants. These pests can thrive in urban locations, posing an ongoing risk of infestation.

Whether your organisation is in food production, food retail, or office environments, it is subject to insect invasion. In Lagos, there are around 500 permitted establishments that could serve as pest breeding grounds.

Being vigilant and proactive regarding pest control allows your business to be well-prepared. We have worked in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria for more than a decade, assisting retail, industrial, and office spaces, as well as food-focused businesses such as restaurants and supermarkets, with pest control.

House Cleaning Services and Domestic Cleaning in Lagos

Fumigation and Pest Control Prices

There is no “one-size-fits-all” method for treating a pest infestation in Lagos due to the wide variety of property sizes, types, and ages for both residential and commercial buildings. Every pest problem is unique, with numerous elements influencing the best efficient solution and the associated costs, for instance;

  • The type of pest problem

  • Size of the infestation

  • Overall size of the property

  • Number of treatments needed

Building Fumigation

We are authorised to utilise sulfuryl fluoride, an approved fumigant in Nigeria for treating structures such as flour mills, food manufacturers, and storage facilities.

Utilizing precise fumigation monitoring procedures, our team ensures that the optimum concentration levels are attained to target the pest species, be they stored product insects, wood-boring insects, or moths.

Our Fumigation and Pest Control Elimination Speciality

Below are a few of bugs, insects, pest and reptiles we are capable of eliminating:

  • Mosquitoes

  • Bed Bug
  • Ants

  • Cockroaches

  • Wall Gecko

  • Lizards

  • Flies

  • Rat and Mice

  • Snakes

  • Birds

And all other types of insects and reptiles.

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Contact us immediately if you have concerns about pest infestations on your property or are interested in any of our fumigation services. Before assisting you in locating the optimal solution for your pest problem, we will gladly address any questions you may have.

A member of our staff is accessible today at 0814-1814-576, or you may use the contact form on our contact page to reach us.