Best Cleaning Services Company In Lagos – Nigeria (2022)

We provide expert cleaning services for offices and homes, as well as janitorial services and upholstery cleaning. Also included are post-construction cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, fumigation – viral disinfection, decontamination, and pest management, among other services. As a result, your style is the expression of your individuality. In other words, our cleaning services will make you happy by restoring your surroundings to its original state. With our distinctive professional services of treating your surroundings with speciality, it appears that protecting your image is our top concern. We’re a janitorial and cleaning services company that’s different. In Lagos, Nigeria, we are at the top of the cleaning firms list.

Cleaning Services are available.

We provide all of the services necessary to keep your environment clean. Cleaning of Building Interiors and Exteriors, Move in and out cleaning, Pre and Post Construction cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning and Soda Blasting, Events Clean Up, and so forth.

Cleaning Services Company In Lagos
Cleaning Services Company In Lagos

Cleaning Services In Lagos Nigeria.

Our managed service allows you to focus on your main business while we make all of the necessary cleaning service investments and offer the appropriate people with supervisor(s) on duty at all times. Janitors, maids, cleaners, gardeners, and other employees are hired and managed by us.

Pest Control and Fumigation In Lagos Nigeria.

If you have lost control of your premises owing to pest and bug management neglect. Bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents can rob you of your sleep and cause you to lose your belongings. We can help you keep them off your property if you need it. We speak their language, and they tell us that we are the best at odorless and environmentally friendly fumigation.


We are one of the most reputable cleaning and janitorial service providers in Nigeria.

As a result, we provide expert cleaning, fumigation, and janitorial services throughout Nigeria. Our imprints may also be seen at Ajah, Lekki, Banana Island, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Yaba, Surulere, Ikoyi, Park View, Maryland, and other areas of Lagos.

With us, your image is safeguarded by our unique expert services that specialize in treating your surroundings.



Our objective is to be the sole alternative accessible to our consumers in terms of providing high-quality service.

  • Cleaning
  • Janitorial
  • Fumigation
  • Training

Why should you choose us?

Nobody can just clean and do it correctly. You can’t afford to entrust the care of your investments and possessions to just anybody. To put it another way, we are specialists who know exactly what to do to provide your peace of mind. We also know what to do when it comes to cleaning services. We’re a janitorial services company in Lagos that does things a little differently.

Nigeria’s Best Cleaning Companies

Obviously, there are a plethora of cleaning businesses in Lagos, Nigeria, all claiming to be the best. In the meanwhile, the differentiating characteristic is inextricably linked to services. Cleaning Limited is exceptional in all we do, how we deliver our services, and who we serve. Our services are geared on keeping the environment clean and providing clients with piece of mind. We strive to have no detrimental influence on the environment. As a cleaning services business in Lagos and throughout Nigeria, we leave a lasting impact in the field of cleaning services by adopting thorough environmental concerns.

Virus Decontamination & Disinfection | Fumigation Services In Lagos Nigeria.

In today’s world, where the novel Corona virus and other viruses are ravaging nations around the world, professional cleaning experts who can use a combination of Eco-friendly reagents and the right equipment to fumigate your environment, office, or house for virus decontamination services or virus disinfection services are essential. We have the knowledge and equipment to provide environmentally friendly viral decontamination and disinfection services utilizing a thermal fogging machine for virus disinfection, pest control decontamination, and other services requiring fumigation.

Cleaning Services | Janitorial Services In Lagos Nigeria.

Cleaning may appear to be easy, but it takes the services of a professional cleaning services business to be done properly. Are you seeking for the top janitorial services in Lagos or the most reputable cleaning services in Lagos? Then you’ve come to the correct spot. Because Cleaning Limited is one of Nigeria’s leading janitorial service providers.

In addition, we provide service across Nigeria. As the chosen cleaning services business or janitorial company in Lagos, we are professionals in professional cleaning services. Our services for fumigation, decontamination, and pest control are unique.

As a result, Cleaning Limited will properly serve your interests for all cleaning services in Lagos, Yaba, Lekki, VI, Ajah, Maryland, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and other areas. We’re a janitorial and cleaning services company that’s different from the rest. We are glad to state that we are the top cleaning services business in Lagos, Nigeria, thanks to our numerous accolades and positive client feedback.

Please contact us for the most cost-effective cleaning services in Nigeria. For more information, call +2348091149922, the best janitorial and cleaning services business in Lagos.

Cleaning Services | Cleaning Company in Lagos, Nigeria

As a Nigerian cleaning services firm, we employ skilled cleaners in all parts of the nation, with a significant presence in Lagos and other major cities.

Of course, we are a janitorial business with one of the top cleaning services in the industry; our professional cleaning services in Lagos are backed by qualified cleaners.

Cleaning Company in Lagos, Nigeria | Professional Cleaning Services

Providing unique cleaning and janitorial services in Lekki, Ajah, Ikeja GRA, Surulere, Iyana Ipaja, Victoria Island (VI), Ikoyi, Banana Island, Ojota, Ikeja, and other areas around Lagos. Do you need cleaning services in Ikeja, Maryland, or somewhere else in Lagos? We are eager to provide you the finest discount from our selection of low-cost cleaning services in Lagos. Services for viral disinfection and decontamination

Best Cleaning Company | Janitorial Services In Lagos Nigeria.

With so many cleaning companies popping up every day, it’s critical to choose only specialists for janitorial services. Cleaning has to be done by professionals in today’s environment. As a result, our complete janitorial service allows you to focus on your main business while we take care of all the essential cleaning and facility management investments. We also provide professional workers with one or more supervisors on duty at any given moment. We deploy excellent and qualified cleaners and oversee sufficiently at all times as a cleaning agency or agents with a philosophy of setting the pace.

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